The NB1RI Link is down between repeaters. The network maintainers are aware of the issue and are working to resolve the problem.

While the link is down, the SKYWARN Net has moved to the 146.76 repeater in Scituate. The OSECA Net has been cancelled. THe RI ARES Net happens on some of the repeaters.

The Echolink Node is still operational on the Westerly repeater, and part-time linking with the RI Digital Link is still active from time to time on the Portsmouth repeaters.


NB1RI 2m Repeaters:

Output, Input, Callsign, CTCSS, Location, Notes
145.170, 144.570, NB1RI, 67.0, Cumberland
145.190, 144.590, NB1RI, 67.0, West Greenwich
145.350, 144.750, N1BS, 67.0, N. Providence
146.460, 144.960, NB1RI, 67.0, West Greenwich, Local & Unlinked
146.910, 146.310, NB1RI, 67.0, Foster, Local
146.985, 146.385, NB1RI, 67.0, Exeter
147.075, 147.675, NB1RI, 67.0, Portsmouth
147.390, 147.990, NB1RI, 67.0, Westerly

NB1RI Other Repeaters:

Output, Input, Callsign, CTCSS, Location, Notes
29.64, 29.54, N1BS, 67.0, N. Providence, 10m
53.17, 52.17, NB1RI, 67.0, Portsmouth, 6m